New Volunteers

NHW is a Team of Volunteers

NHW relies on its team of volunteers to implement its programs and work together to support Victoria Police in its efforts to reduce crime in the community.  Much of our work involves encouraging, advising and educating the public on ways of preventing crime.  In doing this, we free up Police members to undertake the more technical crime prevention and detection work for which they are trained.

What Would I do if I Joined NHW?

There are roles for you in NHW that can cater for your skills, energy and interests.

Some of the things you could do include:
  • Directly supporting the Police in reducing crime.
  • Delivering newsletters to the houses.
  • Helping at community events with distributing brochures to the public on home security and crime prevention.
  • Assisting with crime prevention activities such as installing theft-resistant screws in car number plates.
  • Editing a newsletter or managing the social media page.
  • Taking a management role in NHW including being Secretary or Treasurer of a local group.

Membership Classes
The following process describes the manner in which applications for membership of NHW Victoria are to be handled:
There are three classes of members:
  • Accredited Members
  • Community Members
  • Community Supporters / Followers
It is important for the reputation of NHW and its programs that Accredited members complete a National Police Check (NPC) for the role they are to perform within the organisation.

Every volunteer is encouraged to become an Accredited Member of NHW Victoria, however, this is not compulsory for Community Members or Community Supporters / Followers.
Accredited Members
Volunteers holding any of the following positions must be accredited, which involves obtaining a NPC (often called a CrimTrac check).
  • Members of the NHW Victoria Board
  • State Forum Delegates from LGA Groups
  • Manager, Chair, or Coordinator of an LGA or local NHW group
  • Secretary of an LGA or local NHW group
  • Treasurer of an LGA or local NHW group
  • Newsletter Editor, Local Web Administrator or Social Media Manager
  • Project or Event Coordinator
  • Spokesperson
  • A volunteer engaged in any other activity for which the local group or the Board determines that a NPC is required.
The name of the Accredited Member shall be recorded on the group Member Register with an “A” in the status column.
Volunteers who had successfully completed a LEAP Police Check prior to 18 August 2016 will not require any further check and will be classified as Accredited Members.
It is now necessary to obtain a NPC through one of the Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission (ACIC) accredited ‘broker’ organisations.
The local group shall arrange for the NPC to be carried out on the volunteer to be accredited. The cost of the check will be funded locally.

A person who provides evidence of a standard NPC obtained in the past twelve months will not require a further check.

Unfortunately, Working with Children checks and those undertaken by the Business Licensing Authority, i.e. a Real Estate Agent Licence, will not suffice as they do not involve a full NPC.

NHW Victoria has entered into an agreement with the not-for-profit broker CrimCheck,to process NPC's at the lowest available cost. Whilst CrimCheck is our preferred broker, NHW groups are free to use any of the 60 or so approved brokers to carry out the checks.
To assist groups wanting to use another broker, NHW has created a list of some ACIC accredited brokers along with fees which can be found by clicking here.
To view a full list of ACIC accredited broker organisations click here and scroll down the page to where you will find a pdf document you can download entitled 'List of Accredited Broker Organisations'.  The list is extensive and will assist you further with your research in identifying a suitable agency or broker.

The preferred method using CrimCheck is an email process via a NHW appointed Authorised User - Cost $16.

NHW Victoria has appointed "Authorised Users" who will receive the application and the required 100 points ID, check and validate the information and submit the details to CrimCheck.
The applicant will be required to pay the required fee by credit card.  Whether the fee is reimbursed is a decision for the local NHW group.

You will also require scanned copies of certified 100 points ID documents to submit via email, similar to what is required to open a bank account. Full details of what documents constitute 100 points will be forwarded to you by email.  An example would be a Drivers Licence or Passport, Medicare Card and Rate Notice.
The Chair of the group requesting the NPC sends an email to the Authorised User at, providing the full name, email address and telephone contact for the new volunteer. The applicant will receive an email with full instructions.
When the result of the Check is received by the Authorised User, an email will be sent to the Chair of the requesting group.  This email is to be held as evidence of the NPC being successfully completed.

Alternatively, if you wish to submit your own application direct to CrimCheck you would use the online Self Service process direct to CrimCheck for an individual application - Cost $21.00.

The applicant accesses 
and follows the instructions.
The local group will hold evidence of the NPC being successfully completed. A copy of the certificate from the NPC shall be emailed to the NHW state office ( for record purposes.

Using Other Brokers

The applicant accesses the selected broker and follows the instructions.
The local group will hold evidence of the NPC being successfully completed.  A copy of the certificate from the NPC shall be emailed to the NHW state office ( for record purposes.
PLEASE NOTE:  In accordance with the Privacy Regulations, a copy of a NPC can only be retained by an organisation for one year and then must be destroyed and removed from the database.
Community Members

This is a volunteer who:
  • Only undertakes newsletter or similar delivery roles; or 
  • Does not work on NHW projects unless those projects are supervised by an Accredited Member.
National Police Check Process
  • None unless the volunteer wishes to become an Accredited Member.
  • The name of the Community Member shall be recorded on the group member register with a “C” in the status column.

Community Supporter | Follower

This is a person who is:
  • An interested member of the public eg attends NHW meetings and events.
  • A supporter/follower on social media eg Facebook.
  • A resident who is signed up on an email distribution list.
  • A local business which supports NHW.  
National Police Check Process
  • Nil
A local list is to be maintained as appropriate for communication purposes.

Member Application Process

A Member Application form is available to complete online at:

Online Applications – Active Group
  • Online applications are submitted to NHW state office (
  • The applicant's details are forwarded to the local NHW LGA or group if there is an active NHW group in your area. 
  • The local NHW LGA or group makes contact with the applicant.
  • Depending on the class of membership applicable, it will be decided if accreditation is required. 
Online Applications – No Active Group
  • Online applications are submitted to NHW state office (
  • For applicants who live in a municipality where NHW is not currently active, their application will be acknowledged and their name kept on a database for future reference when there is more interest in NHW shown by people living in the area.
  • Alternatively, they may be contacted by the NHW state office to discuss the option of starting a local NHW group with other interested residents in the area.
For more information on NHW groups visit the 'New NHW Groups' section of the Volunteer Operations Manual.

Hard Copy Applications
  • Hard copies can be obtained from the local NHW group.
  • The NHW state office will have no involvement in the processing of paper volunteer applications as these will be handled at the local or LGA level.
Anyone completing a Member Application form agrees to follow the guidelines of NHW as detailed in the Volunteer Operations Manual or any other document issued from NHW Victoria.

NHW treats the names, addresses and any information submitted for the National Police Checks of volunteers within NHW as confidential and details are not disclosed outside of NHW Victoria.

Suitability of a Member

The Chair of the LGA or the local group (if there is no LGA Committee), must be satisfied of the suitability of a volunteer, based on the information in the Member Application form.

Having a criminal record does not necessarily mean a person will not be considered suitable to be a volunteer.  All applications are considered on their merits.

Confirmation of a Volunteer

NHW state office provides the Chair of a new group with a Letter of Authorisation before they can start approving their own new members.
The LGA or group Chair is then provided with NHW approved Authorisation letters.

Upon completion of a satisfactory NPC (if required), the LGA or group Chair would add the Accredited and Community Members name, contact and class details to the local group Member Register.

If you are considered suitable to be an Accredited or Community member in an existing NHW, the LGA or group Chair will provide you with a Letter of Authorisation. This authorisation allows you to serve as a volunteer within NHW.

People Found Unsuitable to be a Volunteer

If you are considered to be unsuitable to become or to continue as a volunteer, NHW may refuse, remove or suspend your membership and you must not continue to perform volunteer duties.
If membership is removed or suspended, a volunteer has a right of appeal to the Board of Management.