Burglar/s in Your Home

Reduce the chance of crime and intrusion by an unwelcome stranger with your vigilance and security. 

  • Should you discover an intruder inside your house, DO NOT ENTER and DO NOT CONFRONT THE PERSON - use your mobile phone or go to a neighbour and ring the Police on 000.
  •  Wait for the police at a distance where any intruder will not be able to see you.
  •  If you are sure the burglar/s have left, call police 000 and report the incident.
  •  DO NOT TOUCH anything the offenders may have touched as they may have left fingerprints.

Marking and Photographing Items

  •   Engrave all valuable property with a personal identification number.  Use the letter V as a prefix, followed by your Drivers Licence Number.
  •   For more delicate items use an Ultra Violet pen.
  •   Items which cannot be marked, such as jewellery and antiques, should be photographed.  Place a ruler next to them to indicate their size.
  •   Record details such as serial numbers, make and model of all items of value. i.e. TV, Stereo equipment, Camera, Binoculars, Golf Clubs, Watches, Jewellery
A NHW Property Inventory Form will assist you to mark and record your items.

Outside Areas
Garages and Sheds

  •   Always lock doors between your house and the garage.
  •   Lock your garage and shed to prevent the theft of tools, which could be used to break into your house.
  •   Padlock larger objects, such as ladders, to a solid object.
  •  Remove the garage remote device from your vehicle when parked in the driveway or on the street.

Fences and Gardens

  •   Ensure fences don’t provide a hiding place for burglars. Trim trees and shrubs to eliminate hiding places enabling a clear view of your home from the street or driveway.
  •   Maintain your garden so your house looks lived-in.
  •   Ensure all side gates are locked with a strong padlock.
  •   Install sensor lights to illuminate the grounds around your house and your front door.

Before you consider installing or upgrading security measures, take the time to assess your own situation.  In many cases it may not be necessary, or cost effective to install elaborate security measures. 

  •   Be aware of unusual activity in your street and neighbourhood.
  •   Report any suspicious persons or incidents when they occur to Police on 000.  Do not approach.
  •   If you suspect a burglar is inside your home DO NOT enter the premises.
  •   Call 000 and await the arrival of the police at a distance, where any intruders will not be able to see you.
  •   DO NOT TOUCH anything the offenders may have touched as they may have left fingerprints.

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