Absence from Residence


Follow this advice to help keep your home secure while you’re away on holidays: 
  • Have the post office hold your mail for the duration of your holiday.
  • Cancel any newspaper deliveries.
  • Ask a friend or neighbour to clear junk mail from your letter box.
  • If you are going for an extended period of time, have a trusted friend or neighbour mow your lawns and take your bin out and back in again.
  • Install a timer to turn on lamps and a radio or television, to make it seem someone is home.
  • Close all curtains so no one can see into your house.
  • Make sure you lock all windows and doors when leaving your home.
  • Lodge a Victoria Police Absence from Residence form.
  • Consider using the Victoria Police Holiday Burglary Prevention checklist.
Camping | Caravan Holidays
  • Ensure you secure your property at your holiday home, your campsite, while at the beach and when leaving your car parked.
  • Eskies, bicycles, scooters, iPhones, surfboards, wetsuits and other small personal items are the target of thieves at beachside carparks, caravan parks and holiday homes during holiday periods.  If outside, ensure they are locked or secured at night. 
  • Don’t become an easy target - have your refrigerator or Esky inside your tent or annexe. 
  • Secure outside camping equipment, gas bottles, barbecues, trailers and spare tyres with good chains and locks.
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