Community Safety Month

10 October 2016

Community Safety Month was initiated in 1996 by the Victorian Safe Communities Network (VSCN).

Local communities, groups, schools, regional services, businesses, state and local government departments and agencies, are encouraged to build community safety partnerships by organising safety activities with other organisations and groups. For those with established partnerships, Community Safety Month provides an ideal opportunity to showcase existing safety programs or develop new ones.

Participation in Community Safety Month will demonstrate your commitment to maintaining Victoria as the safest state in Australia. By promoting safety and safe practices within your community, you will be contributing to increasing the confidence of Victorians about safety.

Community Safety Month practises a partnership-based approach, with over 80% of activities organised in partnership between two or more different organisations, groups or government agencies.

In 2005, nearly 600 organisations were involved in organising over 1,000 safety related activities across Victoria.

Some examples of activities you can organise are:

  • Promote Community Safety Month in your organisation’s newsletters and on your website
  • Organise a community forum or seminar on a community safety topic of your choice
  • Run competitions with a safety theme in your local newspaper or organisation’s newsletter
  • Distribute information (flyers/leaflets) to promote your organisation and their safety message
  • Undertake safety audits of local areas – home, business, and shopping centre
  • Prepare a safety display for your local shopping centre
  • Launch safety projects and campaigns in your area
  • Run practical workshops on safety, e.g. a self-defence seminar
  • Work with other local organisations to jointly promote community safety
  • Involve local celebrities or well-known social figures to endorse your event and/or messages
  • Create an “open day” style event, enticing the public to get an “inside look” at the safety measures you have in place

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