New Membership Policy

15 September 2016

For well over a year there have been discussions with the Police about the accreditation of NHW volunteers. Most of the discussions related to the rigour of the criminal history checks and the fact that the Police LEAP system can no longer be used for undertaking criminal history checks.  We are now in a situation where nearly 300 NHW volunteer applications are stalled in the system, some for over a year.  This is unacceptable and we have to move on.
Attached to this note are three documents:
  • A report to NHW members from the State President of NHW Victoria, His Honour Michael Strong, explaining the situation we have reached and how we are proceeding from here.
  • The newly adopted NHW Victoria Membership Policy. It explains the three levels of membership in NHW in Victoria and their criminal history checking requirements (if any).
  • A letter from Superintendent David Cowan from the Community Safety Division putting the Victoria Police position on the matter.
I must emphasise a key point that is made in both the President's report and the Membership Policy.  Existing accredited NHW volunteers who previously had a Police check DO NOT need another check.  In addition, NHW volunteers who only deliver newsletters or who work on NHW projects under the control of an Accredited Member DO NOT need a police check.
I would ask you to read the documents carefully, particularly the Membership Policy. 
The NHW Training Manual will be updated in coming days to reflect the new policy.  The manual can be found at 
If you have any queries, I would urge you to email the State Office at: rather than ring.  If any queries on NHW membership are received, answers will be provided at where they will be available to everybody.
I take this opportunity to again thank you for your interest and involvement in NHW and for the work that you do to make our community safer.
Kind regards, 
Geoff Kloot
Acting CEO
Neighbourhood Watch Victoria Inc.
Victoria Police Complex 
637 Flinders Street Docklands VIC 3008
03 9247 5492

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